A new use (or shape anyway) for old crayons/ Valentines Day Craft

Last summer Sunshine left multiple boxes of crayons in the car for several weeks. Of course they melted together in a big lump. However being the pack rat that I am, I was certain we would use them for something ( maybe firestarters?) so I held on to them. Instead they have been reborn as cute valentine shaped crayons for her schoolmates.

Valentines Day Crayons
Turn oven on to 250 degrees.
Start by removing all paper from old, broken, or melted crayons.
Break crayons into smaller peices.
Place pieces of crayon into heart shaped cake pans. Pile each one up since they will shrink as they melt.
We used a silcone pan for mini X and O shaped cakes, but any shape would work. You could also use cupcake tins.

Place the pan in the oven to melt the crayons (about 10 – 15 minutes)
Remove pan from oven and allow crayons to cool completely before removing from pan.

We printed out cards on the computer to accompany our Valentine Crayons . “You color my world” You could also tie them on a ribbon for a cute necklace.

We had fun making them and Sunshine is very excited to share them with her friends. So dont throw those old crayons away yet.


Snow storm fun!

Nothing like an Ohio snow storm to get you thinking creatively of ways to entertain the kiddos. Of course you can always go out and play in the snow but with an 11 month old, hours outside playing in the snow is not very realistic. Instead we compromised and brought the snow inside. What a great time Sunshine had making a mini snow family in the bathtub! A complete snow family with chocolate chip eyes, M&M buttons, pretzel arms and topped off with coffe creamer hats!