Yeah… New Chicken Coop!

After months of research to find the perfect plan, gathering materials and many evenings of construction…. our new chicken coop is finally ready for the ladies! The Handy man did such a great job incorporating so many great time saving features. My favorite is the pulley system to raise and lower the ramp/ door! He’s the best. We decided on a budget of 200.00 for the coop and between shopping at the local discount lumber store, some salvaged items from mom and dad and finishing touches from our local Habitat ReStore we came in well below budget! Yeah! Our new coop is big enough to house of ladies and small enough we can move it with the four wheeler. Aunt Margaret is hatching chicks for us and hopefully we can make it down to get them in the next few weeks! I told the Handy man last night I may have to “chicken”nap a few ladies from Mom just for the fun of it until we get our! We’ll see shes pretty protective of her girls. Big thanks to hubby for all his hard work!

Things that are precious to me

I found this years ago somewhere, I wish I could remember where, but I printed it and kept it by my desk. On days when I feel overwhelmed, that there is too much to be done, too much to worry about, too much to anticipate, it brings me great comfort to remember what is important and it helps me to refocus.

Things that are precious to me, things that are simple and lovely and good… I am going to focus on those…

  • God’s sweet promises
  • A good morning kiss from my husband
  • The early morning snuggle time with my children
  • The rain on the roof
  • Freshly picked vegetables from the garden
  • Hearing my children pray
  • Seeing kindness from my kids to their siblings or others
  • The strong arms of my husband
  • Snowflakes
  • Beautiful skies painted by God’s own hand
  • Piano Music
  • Laughter
  • Open windows and a gentle breeze
  • Candlelight Church hymns sung acapella
  • Warm soup on a cold and dreary day
  • My husband reading the Bible to our family
  • Homemade gifts
  • Flowers
  • Smiles
  • Hearing, I love you Moma

These things and more are the real and true things, the things to be treasuring… not the material, not the temporal…We trust that through this valley God will be glorified… that He will be lifted up. That He holds us with His Almighty Hand and we can be at peace knowing He will never let us fall.