In the moment

What a beautiful weekend!

My house is still messy, there are dishes in the sink, the laundry is not all folded and my homework is not quite finished….and I am so proud of myself. So many times I am guilty of missing opportunities to teach the girls, especially Sunshine. Or even just missing the chance to sit back and enjoy their silly childishness. This weekend I focused on really being present and enjoying each moment with Sunshine and Rose. We didnt get much “accomplished” as such but we really did have a wonderful weekend.
What we did do was awesome!
Cooked together – we made scrumptious strawberry and blueberry layer cakes.
Made music together – Dad and Sunshine played the guitar together. Sunshine even got mom to play the dulcimer. Scary as it was I did sing along.
Grilled out with Mom, Dad and Amy. Hotdogs w/Tony Pacos sauce..I couldnt resist.
Watched a Magic show – Sunshine is quite a magician.
Danced – Who doesnt love dancing in the sprinkler on a hot day?
Watched fireworks… Sat on the porch listening for firecrackers…. Laughed..and Laughed..and Laughed. It was a good weekend!