VBS 2010

We just got home from the annual Super Slip and Slide event at church following the VBS weekend program. The kids all did so great this year! Bible School was held in the evening from 530-815pm and on Saturday morning, which seems to work well for most of the parents schedules. We did a program called The Egypt file: Decoding the Mystery of Life. I was surprised how well the kids grasped the theory of evolution and the truth of Gods Creation. Truthfully we have always taught our kids that God Created everything but we have never actually discussed evolution with them, so it was good to think about the best way to communicate that to a child.
The church we normally attend does not do a VBS program but I have such great memories of VBS that I want Sunshine to be able to go so she goes to the VBS at the local non-denominational community church (which happens to be the church I grew up) I hadn’t planned on actively participating in the program but ended up at the last minute as a helper with the 6 and 7 year olds, which turned out to be quite a blessing. They were a great group of kids! I was especially impressed with the teaching of Pastor Dan the Asst. Pastor. The curriculum was quite good, I thought. The church is pairing VBS with a 4 part conference on the Origins of Gods Creation with the support of Answers in Genesis (www.answersingenesis.org) and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. (http://creationmuseum.org). For more information see www.mohicanvillecommunitychurch.org. Unfortunately we will be on vacation so we wont be able to attend but after looking at the Creation Museum website I think we will add that to the list of places Id like to take the kids.