Winter Beauty

So it is cold and snowy outside but by Monday its forecasted to be 50 degrees and all the beautiful snow will melt into a wet, muddy mess. So here are a few winter pictures from the last few weeks. As beautiful as the sunset is over the snow covered landscape, I am kind of hoping this was our last major snow event of the winter. Sunshine actually took the sunset pictures while she was out doing her evening chores.

Spring is coming!

Its been better than 6 months since my last post on this blog but I’m going to see if I cant get motivated to make more time for it in the future. In many ways seeing my thoughts “on paper” is quite therapeutic. We have been busy as always. Rose turned 3 last week and we celebrated with mom and dad. Her favorite gift was no doubt her shopping cart. I think shes put miles on it in just one week.

I have been spending quite a bit of time helping mom in the greenhouse recently which has been nice considering the foot of snow on the ground outside. One day last week I worked in capris, a tank top and bare feet. It was 10 degrees outside but because we had a lot of sun, it was near 90 inside. We have lettuce, tomatoes and broccoli ready to be planted in the indoor gardens. I have been working on my outdoor gardening plans for this year. I didn’t get as much canned as I would have liked last fall so this year I am going to try to plant more tomatoes especially for canning. We are still waiting to hear if we got the grant for the high tunnel. If we did, that may change outdoor gardening plans a bit as well. Have to wait and see…one things for sure…Spring is coming!
I am only carrying 6 credit hours this quarter and the history class I’m taking has been a breeze. Although I have mixed feelings about that, the easy A certainly wont hurt my GPA. But I do like history and enjoy discussing it and would like to learn something for what its costing me.
Sunshine is doing well in school as usual. She has started asking about homeschooling again which is strange because she really doesn’t have much contact with homeschoolers. I have a cousin who home schools her girls but we don’t see them often. Homeschooling has been on my heart for quite awhile Im just not sure its right for our family (me or Sunshine) I am trying to be open to whatever happens. Maybe Im meant to support other HS families in our area in some way rather than to HS Sunshine. I picked up a few more books about homeschooling during my weekly library visit this week. I need to keep praying about this, I cant see the 2 of us being together 24 hrs a day being great for either one of us. We really are too much alike. Hmmm, I just dont know.