New Diapers

I have to share my first experience with All- in -One diapers. I used disposables with our older daughter, cloth diapers were barely a fleeting thought. I had several ill fated attempts with our younger daughter. However Mowgli on the other hand will be a year old in a few weeks and we are still using cloth diapers with him. Up until this point we have used prefolds with covers. We’ve used mostly the Bummi Super Whisper Wrap which have been really great. I was placing an order at – (gotta love free shipping ) for another bag of Rockin’Green when I decided to take a quick look at their clearance page. They had bumGenius 3.0 all-in-one diapers for $9.95! So I decided we’d try them. They are super cute and fit great so I think I am going to order a few more. I also got a bag of the new Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer and am excited to see how it works. Heres Mowgli cruisin’ around the ottoman in one of his new diapers. So cute!


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