Mowglis First Haircut

I finally got up the nerve to take Mowgli for his first haircut. Daddy had been mentioning that his little man was starting to look a little shaggy so I knew it was time. On Mowglis birthday (4/2) we took him for his first hair cut. With Aunt Stephanie’s wedding and Easter coming up all the kids got a turn in the chair at the salon. I had been putting it off since I knew Mowgli would go into the chair looking like my baby and come out looking like a little man… and that’s exactly what happened. He was really good and didnt really fuss at all, although he wanted to eat the comb. But he look so cute and now daddy’s happy too! (I do want to look into learning how to do basic kids haircuts. Im not quite ready to use the clippers with Mowgli just yet.)


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