A new home for our few remaining chicks..Thanks to Mother Earth News

Its been a busy summer so far but we have been having lots of fun..so much fun I haven’t had time to share it although I think about it often. Unfortunately our poor chicks didn’t have so much fun this spring. We started out with 25 beautiful little chicks, who were much adored by all.

We still had 5 laying hens from 2 years ago so when they were big enough to go out to the coop we took 1/2 to mom and dads (next door) and put half outside. They did great until about 3 weeks ago. Until this time we have let our chickens freely roam during the day and they go in the coop on their own at night, We have never lost a single chicken! In the span of 3 days we went from 17 chickens to 3! Some were stolen from inside the coop .. don’t ask me how and some in broad daylight. I just don’t understand. We had been planning to fence a new area for them and had seeded an area earlier this spring in anticipation of our growing flock. Well they did end up getting a new home but not what we planned. My dear hubby found an article in last months MotherEarth News for building a Mighty Chicken-Mobile. (www.MotherEarthNews.com/coop-animation) In the interest of time he modified it some but I am happy to say our remaining chickens are doing well. Instead of having the whole pasture fenced we just move them around every few days. Once it gets cold they will have to move into the bigger coop, but for now, so far so good! We are all already looking forward to more chicks next year.

The specifics of construction:

We used 3 ft welded wire fencing for the majority of the chicken pen.

C- clips were used to construct the boxes.

We used scrape pieces of polycarbonate from a greenhouse project to make the enclosed part.

I originally was going to use wash pans for the nesting boxes but they were $4.99 each so I found these ones at Goodwill for less than $1 each.

The original planned called for the opening to be on top but it was too high for our girls to reach in so we moved it to the side.

We will likely add wheels and handles as time allows, for now it can just be picked up to be moved.

The poly is painted white to provide some sun relief as we are still working on other shade options.

Total price for all materials to build 2 Portable chicken pen —-$110.00


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