The Family Clothesline

Last winter my clothesline inadvertently got broken while we were bringing in wood so, this year I got a new one. I was so glad when hubby put it up, it was the first project this Spring. I love to hang out clothes! I know to some it sounds strange to some but I love the smell of line dried clothes. I love the act of doing it, somehow it is soothing to my soul. Its also good exercise. I also love knowing we are using the free solar and wind power God has given us rather than using propane. I do think eventually we will need another one since I have no problem filling this one. Or perhaps Ill have to start spreading more loads out during the week instead of doing most of it on one day.
I love my new clothesline because:

1) Its twice as big as the old one.

2) Its near the swing set so the little ones can play while I hang out and fold clothes Plus, I usually get help for at least the first half of the basket 🙂

3) Its in a better spot, so most days the clothes dry much quicker in the new location.


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