This week on the farm..

This past week has been one of transition in the garden. 
This week we actually did –
* Get the first egg from our one remaining spring check – Yeah!
* Called the hatchery about ordering started pullets in October. (Some Black Star)
* Freeze 1st batch of crushed tomatoes
* Harvested the remaining summer broccoli and cauliflower
*Planted fall broccoli and cauliflower
*Marked out new herb garden with raised beds
* Started Strawberry Patch Overhaul
We didn’t get hardly any berries this year, partly because of the weather, partly because we have neglected to maintain it. So this year we decided it needed a major overhaul. They say berry plants should be rotated out at least every 3 years for optimal production, our have been there for 4 . We moved the patch to a new location, laid landscape cloth and planted our new starts. Id show you our progress so far but I seem to have misplaced the memory card already…jeesh!

Black Star  – At first I thought he said they had “Rockstar” Pullets…I’m new to this chicken thing what can I say?

This week we discussed-
(There is always lots of discussion before anything actually happens)  🙂
* Where to plant new blueberry and raspberry bushes
* Shifting the main garden to make room for the fence to access the back pasture for the sheep.
(You know the ones you don’t yet have but are so looking forward to that you talk about them all the time)

Looking forward to-
Finishing the strawberry patch, figuring out how to make kraut out of all the cabbage I have finishing, canning tomatoes and freezing some peppers and pimentos.


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