Garden Goodness in a jar

I finally managed to get some crushed tomatoes in jars!  Yeah!  We have been so busy that Ive been putting them in the freezer since it quicker, but I really do prefer them canned. I have figured out that I can get much more accomplished if I harvest in the morning before the kids get up, do my prep work mid morning while the kids play and do my actual canning while they nap after lunch.  It goes much quicker and is safer for everyone this way. I worry about having so much hot water around when the little ones are up and about.  I am looking forward to the aroma of chili filling the house on one of those cold winter days we know is coming.  It actually has cooled down here quite a bit in the last few days.  Today is a beautiful sunny day but when we were outside earlier it was only about 70. Just Beautiful. I am planning to try some BBQ sauce this year which is something Ive not tried before.  I found a recipe in You Can Can  that look good. This family can make quick work on a large bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.
Its back to school time for Sunshine.  She starting 3rd grade this year.  I continue to struggle with our decision to continue with public schooling but she is thriving academically.  I worry most about the social influences she is exposed to. I do still believe we will move to homeschooling at some point.  Here she is ready for 1st day back.
The last 2 weeks Ive spent a lot of time sorting and organizing the kids clothes as we switched out wardrobes for fall and winter.  Mowgli is now out of his 12 month size clothing.  I normally keep the clothes that are in good shape from the older kids to pass down when we can.  I struggled with the infant clothes, not knowing if or when we might be blessed with another little one.  I finally settled on keeping them.  Most baby clothes don’t go out of style quickly. If we don’t have another one, I can always pass them on to someone else later.  Finally I guess Ill close with a picture of my little man who is sporting a new big boy haircut after his visit to the barber this morning. 

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