Fall is upon us..its applesauce time!

Its been a busy September!  Our county fair is in the 3rd week of September and we all had different projects entered.  We were all very excited when both the girls won ribbons for their baking and arts and crafts projects.
We have been busy canning and preserving. Last week we canned over 100 quarts of applesauce including fruit blends of blueberry-apple, pear-apple and peach-apple.  They are delicious! I found the recipe over at Family feed bag (http://www.familyfeedbag.com/2011/08/applesauce-fruit-blends.html)  Everyone at my husbands work looked  forward to sampling  a new flavor everyday last week. A gentleman from my mom and dads church has an orchard and was selling upick apples for $3.00 and $6.00 a bushel.  They had some spots but made Great applesauce! We were so excited to get the apples at a good price, that when we went to the orchard we just kept picking and picking.   In fact the little ones and I went back this morning to help a friend pick her apples and couldn’t help but pick another 1/2 bushel of Fujis. ( For $3.00 how can you go wrong?)  We have been so blessed with our own garden as well as from others generosity this fall. I bought the peaches from another local orchard for $31.00/bushel.  We also canned 42 quarts each of pear and peach halves.  We bought pears for $28.00/bushel and got a bushel free since they were super ripe. My mom has the best blueberry patch around and always welcomes us to pick as much as we like.  We are so truly blessed! I am looking forward to finishing up the last of the garden canning and putting the garden “to bed” for the winter.  Honestly, I’m almost out of quart jars anyway, I guess Ill have to add that to my list of things to find for next Spring.

 Applesauce blends (from left) Pear Apple, Peach Apple, Spiced Apple, Blueberry Apple

Rose and Mowgli at the apple orchard.

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