The Great Fall Decluttering Event..Too much stuff!

Over the past few weeks as the kids have started spending more time in the house, it seems that it is absolutely impossible to keep things picked up.  I’ve have sorted, organized, reorganized and sorted again.  I have decided we just have too much “Stuff”!  I began purging this week. This is not an easy task because I hate to get rid of things.  Even things that have worn out the current use. I always have some idea how I can recreate and reuse them.  The problem is that I never have time to recreate them. Its really not just the kids stuff, its all of us.  Although for now, Ill leave hubby’s things alone.   But other than that, I am forcing myself to be ruthless!
I had originally planned on doing the great toy sort during nap time but I think Ill “man up” and do it with the kids.  I know it will be a good teaching moment. (or hour as the case may be)  It will also save me from explaining where their things went, when and if they would ever notice things missing.
I am using a combination of Ebay, Craigslist, Goodwill ..and yes even the trash to move some of this Stuff out.  I know that when my house is a cluttered mess so is my mind so I am looking forward to having things back in order.  (It always gets worse before it gets better)
Im planning to put back part of the proceeds from the Great Decluttering Event to help pay for Christmas. I actually started Christmas shopping a few weeks ago because I ran across a great deal at Toys-r-us.  I need to put together my Christmas planner so I have a master list to work from. I think Ill tuck a picture of the chaos in my planner as a reminder of the fact that we have so much “stuff.”  I know I need to keep this in mind when planning for the kids.  I always get out of control buying things for them at Christmas.  I really need to not do that this year!
I do love to use Organized Christmas to help keep my Christmas craziness in order.  More on this later, for now I have more clutter to attack!



Im excited just thinking about starting Christmas planning! 
(Yes I know its October. I cant help it.)

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