A busy fence building weekend

It was a busy weekend of fence building and welcoming new critters to the homestead.  We have been working on the new fence for the chickens for a few weeks and its finally finished with the exception of the gate and a few extra T posts we need to add.  Yeah! 

Friday night  hubby went to TSC to pick up fence staples and came out with 18 more chicks and another heat lamp.  (We already have a dozen  2 year old layer and 16 chick in the basement) I have more eggs now than I know what to do with.   Looks likes its time to get a sign put out front.  This is really funny because we are not really  inside pet people.  The only inside pets are 6 goldfish.  So to have 34 chicks in my house makes me giggle.  But by far the most exciting part of the weekend was going to pick up Titus, the 4-H goat.  I would love to have a few goats but we decided to wait on the the does and just get Sunshines 2 market goats for 4-H this year.  When we went to pick up Titus they had the cutest does! I was super surprised and excited when Handy man said, okay we can take her home.  She is a beautiful Nubian named Miss Daisy.  She was born 2/10, the same day as Titus.  But since Titus will be going to the fair as a market goat in September, Miss Daisy will need a new companion before that. So now I’m on hunt for another doe!  Can I just say…I have the most fabulous hubby ever! Cant wait to breed her next year and have our own babies.