A love affair begins…

When we built our house in 2004 we purchased all new appliances.  Unfortunately we spent alot of money and they just didnt last.  Last week the last of these appliances, the dishwasher died. (more on this later)  Last fall while I was canning our stove quit working. Well actually the stove top worked but the electronic board on the back of the stove got too hot from the canner and melted, so no oven.  We ended up borrowing an extra stove from my mom since we couldnt decide what we wanted. I knew I wanted a gas stove with knob controls for both burners and oven.  I can alot and didnt want to ruin another electronic panel.  Unfortunately the only stoves I could find meeting that critieria were made with cheap wobbly grates (not so good for canning) or were Way out of my budget, ie. Wolf and Dacor.  Then on a visit to Lehmans Hardware we came across several Unique brand gas stoves.  They have no back electronics, knobs on the front, solid surface heavy duty grates and best off all no plug!  They require no electric, they have 2 9volt batteries to light the burners and thats it.  While we dont loose power that often, this is a big plus in my book.  Here it is, okay, I admit this was before the canning started!  🙂

Ive been using it for about a month now and  love it! It cleans well and heats up fast. I really couldnt be more pleased. (Well maybe if it had 6 burners instead of 4)  We used to have a microwave over the stove but instead decided to opt for a more substantial vent with no microwave.  Yesterday was the first time I canned on it and it was SO nice to have all that extra space for moving pans and jars.  So here’s hoping for a long love affair with my new Unique stove.

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