The heat wave continues..

At 630 this morning I was laying in bed trying to figure out what appliance was running.  As it turns out it was the air conditoner.  The air conditioner is outside our bedroom and Im not accustomed to hearing it run while Im in there, typically the coolest part of the day. But with temperatures reaching 100 degrees yesterday, at 7am it was already 87.  As it seems the heat wave here in Ohio is supposed to continue for the next 10 days.  It looks like we will be doing morning chores EARLY this week and will be watering the gardens and berry patch since we havent gotten much rain.  Its funny how the heat doesnt seem to bother the kids at all. Yesterday I had to keep reminding them to come in to cool off and get a drink. I have to tell you Im very grateful for the AC.  We never had AC growing up and it never seemed too bad, I guess to some extent its just what you’re used to.  On a positive note, laundry dries really quickly when it 100 degrees with a strong breeze 🙂

I am so grateful we were able to get the larger pasture fenced before this heat started. Now the ladies have a larger pasture and more importantly in this heat a place to get our of the sun.  Our little goat herd has grown quite a bit since we got the first 2 in April.  As of today, we have 3 Nubian does, 4 Boer does and 2 4-H market wethers. We have 3 more Boer does that will be joining our little farm in July.

The Ladies
All of our does were born this spring.  We are planning to breed the ladies later this year and early next year.  Looks like we are in for a busy first kidding season. 

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