4-H Fun

One of the things keeping busy this summer has been 4-H projects.  I was in 4-H growing up and honestly I forgot how much work is involved in completing the project activities, leadership activities and books.  This year was Sunshines first year, she took 4 projects.  She has 2 goat projects, a cooking projects and a vegetable project.  She has by far enjoyed the goat project the most.  I would say the Vegetable gardening project has been her least favorite.   She has learned a great deal about plants, pollination as well as plant care. We have also been studying nutrition and some cooking basics. More than anything else it has been a good reinforcement in demonstrating responsibility.  She knows that it is her responsiblity to feed, water and exercise her goats as well as to help with the weeding and watering in the garden.  She has been doing a great job and I am very proud of her.   We are all looking forward to seeing her show one of her goats at the state fair in a few weeks.

This is a picture of Sunshine working the the garden.  (I can assure you the big smile did not show up until the camera did.)  She likes weeding even less that I do.


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