Financing homestead improvements

One of the biggest challenges for us on our little homestead has been financing our new ventures and improvements.  With only one income funds are limited and are a consideration for most every project.  I would absolutely love to build a brand new polebarn, but it will likely be some time before we have enough saved to do so.  We recognize that if we choose to wait to grow our homestead until we have perfect facilites, it may never happen.  And because we choose not to incur any additional debt one good option is often to reuse materials we already have laying about.

When the Handy man built this Beautiful coop several years ago it was a wonderful home for our chickens.  However, now it is much too small for our 40+ laying hens. We are in the process of deconstructing a  13 X 12 foot  greenhouse that was once used to overwinter plant material.  We will move this structure into place and cover it with steel to be the new house for our hens.   I am hoping to repaint the old hen cottage and sell it to help offset some of the cost of the metal.  We will also be using lumber from a swing set we had that was damaged in a storm some time back.

This structure has also had multiple lives.  It is 17 X 32 and is curently housing a large wood pile, prior to that it housed pheasants.  We will be reinforcing this structure and covering it with metal as well as it will soon be a new winter home for our growing goat herd.
Some of the places that we have found building materals at a discount or even free are-
*Our families farms  (Thanks!  We love you so much)
*Garage sales
*Habitat ReStore
*Materials we can reuse from other projects.
I would encourage anyone who is considering starting a new homesteading venture or expanding one to not be discouraged by lack of funds but rather to consider what resources you do have available and think “outside of the box.”  If you can make it work…..go for it, Im guessing our hens wont care if their home used to be a greenhouse as long as they are warm and dry, and Im sure yours wouldn’t either.

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