2012-2013 Curriculum – Grade 4

Having given it much consideration we settled on curriculum for Sunshine for grade 4 that includes traditional textbook learning with a Charlotte Mason flavor, along with a few unit studies.  When we started this journey I completely intended to use only traditional, text-book based curriculum.  As it turns our we have landed square in the middle of Eclectic homeschooling. Sunshine is (or will be) using –

Teaching Textbooks – Math 4

Teaching textbooks is wonderful.  Sunshine has always like math and she is really enjoying using TT.

I decided to use the Abeka curriculum for History and Science .  Im not so sure how this is going to work out.  The science text is very..simple. We did a nature walk and sketch 3 days this week in addition to the Abeka planned lessons.  Sunshine really likes science and I think we continue adding experiments, books and field trips to keep her engaged.  Originally I planned to use Apologia- Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.  Honestly I was overwhelmed by the text and not having a lesson plan.  I have been using pages out of the notebook as they fit in with our daily Abeka lessons.

Product Details

As for History, its a similar story. I decided to start with the Ohio History unit so we could get some local outdoor field trips in before it gets cold.  I bought the supplement plan book for state history by Joy Dean to go along with the Abeka My State Notebook.  While the lessons are planned out nicely, I am disappointed that the lessons themselves are Very basic.  We will also be adding additional books to this curriculum as well.  So far I have purchased the Hands on History and History Pockets for Explorers, Colonial life and Revolution to use.

Language Arts :  We have been doing alot of “real world” work language arts.  We have been studying letter writing. (I actually pulled a few lessons from the Abeka Language A book) So we  have been writing letters to cousins, thank you letters, and buyers letters for the 4H Jr. Fair sale.    Our main curriculum will come from-

Beyond Bridges – Christian Light

Language Art 4 – Christian Light

Pictures in Cursive A and B – Queen Homeschool

I have been impressed with the Literature Units from Progeny Press and we will be selecting several of these to use as well.  Right now I am leaning toward, Sarah, Plain and Tall, Mr. Poppers Penguins, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, or Charlottes Web.

Of course there are lots of other materials and programs to choose from. I am still looking for a good family devotional that I can use for all 3 kiddos and expand on with Sunshine.  Currently we are reading from a Children Bible story book at breakfast and then discussing.  Any suggestions would be great!

We will probably end up throwing in a few unit studies here and there.  I purchased a Unit Study on the Elections from Amanda Bennett.  We wont use the full 4 weeks but I think it makes a great current events addition to our studies.  I am looking forward to lots of hands on learning outdoors and doing as many field trips as we can.


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