Our Daily Routine

Today I thought Id update you on whats working, and whats not for us in respect to “getting it all done“. I am finding that our days go much more smoothly if we stick to a routine.  While we don’t always follow this exactly, here is what a typical weekday looks like:

Our Daily Schedule
5:30     Mom and Dad up – Dad heads off to work
   Quiet time for mom -coffee and breakfast, devotionals, check email, start laundry, To do list for the day ( I have to admit this is my goal.  Most days I end up  asleep in my favorite chair after hubby leaves and get up closer to 7:00)
 7:30    Sunshine up
7:45     Outdoor chores
8:15     Littles get up
8:30    Breakfast and Bible time
9:00    School begins for Sunshine, (MWF – our 2 friends arrive)
            Reading and Science
10:30  Snack 
            Math and Language Arts
12:00  Lunch prep and clean up
12:30  Lunch
1:00    Littles rest and/ or nap, Sunshine school with mom 
Follow ups, History and Crafts

3:30  Sanck time –  School is almost always over by now
4:30   Indoor clean up
5:00   Dinner prep and outdoor chores (MWF -our friends head home)
          Dinner – Activites – Outdoor Projects -Garden work –
8:30 Kids to bath and bed

Again, the above is more of a routine than a schedule.  We used to do errands in the morning, now I find it works better if we wait until the “school day” is over. My goal is to get enough accomplished each day that we can spend at least one day a week doing a field trip or special learning activity. I have  gotten some great ideas on household management from Kim Brennemans book Large Family Logistics.  While I guess we arent technically a large family, I was able to glean some wonderful hints from this book that have streamlined our household. I highly recommend it for families of any size.  I would guess that as our family continues to change, so will our schedule, but for now this is what seems to be working.  What works well for your family?


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