Let your imagination run wild at The Imagination Station!

Located in downtown Toledo the Imagination Station definately makes the list of must- visit attractions if you are visiting Northwest Ohio.  This weekend we had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Imagination Station and we all had a wonderful time. 

The Imagination Station (IS)  has something for everyone in the family.  The best part about the IS is there are so many hands on activities!  There were exhibits geared to the 5 and under crowd as well as to the older kids.  There were fewer exhibits than  I have seen at other science centers but the exhibits they have were very engaging and interactive.  We spend a great deal less time reading about science and much more time actively participating.

One of our favorite exhibits was the Grow U exhibit sponsored by The Andersons.  This exhibit included a full size tractor for the kids to climb on (Mowglis favorite) an interactive gameshow about agriculture and a live beehive. 

Sunshines favorite attractions were the highwire bicycle, the anti-gravity room and the boyo exhibit that uses a flywheel to  create a huge yo-yo.

The little kids really enjoyed the Kidspace designed for ages 5 and under.  The  spinning  sand wheel was also one of their favorites.

Everyone loved playing in the water tables and making clouds.  Sunshine and Rose enjoyed drying off on the 101 mph hurricane force winds.

The Imagination Station is a great place for an afternoon of family fun as a science center or even just as an indoor playground. We are looking forward to going back for another visit once the new Sesame Street Body exhibit opens later this month.


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