Review of the Well Planned Day Planner

In my former life  I was a devoted Franklin Covey Planner gal.  I loved everything about my Franklin planner, even after 3 years at home, I was still using a Franklin Planner.  I was hesitant to try a new planner but it was becoming increasing obvious to me that as a new homeschool mom, my planning needs were beginning to change.  I ordered my Well Planned Day Planner in early July, but I didn’t really start using it until early August. 

Here is what  I love about this planner!

1) This planner is strong and sturdy!  My planner gets taken most everywhere I go and so far it is holding up beautifully.

2) I really like the extra 2 blank spaces at the bottom of the weekly planning pages.  These allow room to record other events and activities we are involved in. I love this flexibility.

3) The tear out shopping lists are very nice.  While I don’t use them for shopping lists, they are great for other lists I need to quickly make.  For instance, each month I use one to quickly jot down words that Sunshine is misspelling so I can add them to an upcoming spelling lesson.

4) I am in LOVE with the extra Holiday Organization pages.  I keep another binder just for Christmas planning, but I really appreciate these extra pages built right in, what a nice surprise!

5)  At $24.95, this planner isn’t cheap but it is 1/2 the price of a Franklin Planner of similar size.

Here are the top 3 things I would change about this planner.

1) Monthly Tabs!   This is the only planner I have ever purchased that didn’t have monthly tabs making it easy to flip to the current month.  I improvised and added Post-it tabs with the months on them, but they aren’t very sturdy.

2) Larger boxes for Saturday and Sunday.  Weekends are busy days for our family and there often isn’t enough room to record everyone’s commitments. Ideally I would remove the Dinner menu box to allow more room.  I keep a separate more complete menu for the family so I don’t use the box on the weekly pages.

3) The grade cards in the back of the planner are cute, but unnecessary.  We don’t keep formal grade cards so we wont use them.  The same goes for the weekly grade sheets in the back.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this  planner.    The graphics and colors are lovely and make it fun to use. It is flexible and meets the special planning needs of  this homeschool mom. I have found my new “go to” planner.


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