Why it is important to keep your house clean

Let me start by just saying, “Our home is lived in!”  No, really lived in.  I remember when we used to live in our house from 7pm-7am Monday thru Friday and on weekends.  Now, with homeschooling and in-home childcare, we really live in our home.  Our house looks lived in, some days I might even say it looks like a tornado hit it. I am okay with that some days or at least for part of the day.  I realize that my home is not going to look like it came off the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, at least in this season of my life.  But here’s the problem…..most of the time it drives me crazy! 

My husband is great! He rarely mentions if the house is a disaster.  As long as he has clean clothes, something to eat and everyone is happy….he’s happy.   I can’t operate that way.  It is as if when my house is cluttered, my brain is cluttered. This is one of the reasons why the mess is a problem…

Have you ever seen someone pull in your driveway and ran out to meet them, so they didn’t have to come inside? (And see the mess) I know I have.  Have you ever wanted to invite another family over to dinner after church on the spur of the moment, but hesitated? (Because of the mess)  Has a friend ever stopped over in need of your ear and you failed to really truly listen? (Because you’re fussing about what she might think about the mess) I’m sorry to admit, I have …just trying to be real here.

I’m not a perfect housekeeper, I don’t aspire to be one, but I know when my mess gets in the way of allowing me to serve others by offering hospitality, it’s a problem.  I want others to feel comfortable in my home, not because it is immaculate but because they know they will be welcomed anytime and that they can count on me to really listen to them.  I want my husband to know that if he feels like inviting a co-worker home for dinner he can, without worrying about me flipping out.  (Because of the mess)  I know this is one area I need to work on as I try to focus on showing hospitality to others. 

What hospitality challenges do you have?  What works for you?


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