4 New Babies

Last weekend we had the joy of welcoming 4 new little bundles of joy within 3 hours.  At 1:00 we went to check on the expecting mommas.  We knew they were close but figured we had time to go next door for Sunday lunch with mom and my sisters who were in town.  After lunch we decided to go back home to check on them.  Sure enough within 40 minutes Butter had delivered 2 beautiful kids.  They were cleaned off and up nursing.  Yeah!

It didnt take long for the troops next door to make their way over to witness the new arrivals.  It was especially exciting for 2 of my sisters friends from Chicago who came along to visit for the weekend. Welcome to the country ladies!

Before the afternoon was out Brownie also delivered a healthy set of twins. Both Megan and Makayla got quite a Biology lesson.

It is on days like this that I love having animals. They are just so darn cute!  With Hurricane Sandy expected to make landfall within 24 hours of their arrival.   We are considering the names, Hurricane, Sandy, Pumpkin and Spice.

The babies are now a little over a week old.  Now that the wind and rain has finally past for the most part, the babies are having a ball bouncing around the pasture exploring their new home, and Im having a ball watching them.


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