Homeschool Phys Ed?

Since we began homeschooling we have been looking for a good organized “physical education” option for the girls. In the past they have done various activities, they have taken swimming lessons, ballet lessons and played soccer.  A few of the things I was considering in my search were the proximity to our home, timing of activites, the chance for multiple childen to partcipate, ability to develop and refine both physical abilities and character traits, affordability and fun!

 I think I have finally hit the jackpot with figure skating.  As it turns out there is an ice rink less than 30 minutes from our home.  They offer skating lessons to homeschoolers twice a week during the day.  The program is taught by a former Olympian, Mark Cockerell. They have open skating everyday, and they also have a Learn to Skate program in the evenings. Everyone is welcome to attend, even little Mowgli at 2 1/2.  ( He may end up an accomplished skater before I get him out of diapers) The facility is very nice, and the people are even nicer. I havent been brave enough to put on a pair of skates but the kids are having a wonderful time and I am so pleased!


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