DIY Canopy Doll Bed

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I thought I would share with you some of the projects we made for the kids for Christmas this year. This year The Handyman made Lego trays and and a canopy bed for Sunshines American Girl Doll. Some of the projects I worked on included the bedding for her AG doll bed, sleeping bags for all the kids (and dolls) and lots of doll clothes for Sunshine and Roses AG dolls.

Sunshine put a bed for her AG doll, Miracle, on her Santa list this year. Carolines Canopy bed from AG is very pretty but I wasnt feeling the $125.00 price tag. I also really like the Madeline bed from Pottery Barn Kids but it was still $108.00 with bedding and honestly, it didnt get that great of reviews. So I enlisted the help of the Handyman. I found this plan for a doll canopy bed on Ana Whites website which I loved and it looked alot like the PBK bed.


DIY PICS 006 (1024x768)

The Handy man had some help from his friend Ron who has a wonderful woodshop that he has been so gracious to share on several occasions. They ended up making some modifications to the plan. (As is usually the case) I decided not to add the finials on top of the posts but they did add some detailing on the posts. They also changed the shape of the headboard and footboard some and I think it turned out beautifully.

I made the mattress with a piece of 2 inch foam from Joanne’s. The drapes were made from an unused sheer panel I had hanging around in the basement. Actually it was from our old house and I only had the scarf but not the panels for some reason. I finished the edges and used adhesive Velcro dots to attach them so she can remove them if she wants to. The pillowcase and bedspread were made from a piece of silver silk I had in my sewing room. I originally was going to make a comforter with a removable duvet cover but it ended us just being a one piece comforter instead. Maybe I can talk grandma into making her an actual quilt for her bed.

Needless to say, Sunshine was thrilled Christmas morning with Miracles new bed! The first thing she said was how much she loved it. The second thing she said was, “Could you make one just like this for me?” Ohhhh honey……….


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