This little piggy went to market…..

We recently added 2 new critters to the zoo.  We have been talking for sometime about raising a couple of pigs but thought we would wait until spring to get  them started.  Unfortunately the Handyman has a habit of spending a lot of time on Craigslist and he came across these little  ladies for 30.00 for the pair.  They have been selling for about 40.00-50.00 a piece.  They are healthy and have adjusted well to their new home.  They are currently in the barn with the goats but we would like to move them because they are making a horrible mess with the water.  Luckily I have an uncle who is a small dairy farmer and has raised in the past, so we have been able to ask him some questions.   I am hoping they do okay, we don’t know a darn thing about raising pigs. 

I have been doing some research on Guinea Hogs.  From what I can see they aren’t cheap to buy.  I do feel  there is value in raising the heritage breeds and helping to keep  genetic  diversity alive as much as possible.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website has a ton of information if you are interested in learning more.  But from what I have read, if we found somewhere to get them they seem  to be a good fit for a homestead.  They are supposed to be really good foragers and they finish at less than 200 pounds which would make them ideal for home butchering.  I guess if we are going to even think about that, we need to start looking into getting some more equipment.  I don’t think a  knife, kitchen shears and meat grinder on the Kitchen aid is going to do it.  These 2 will definitely be going to a butcher.  I guess we will see how they do and then decide if we want to go for round 2.  There is always so much to do  and so much to learn.  Never a dull moment for sure!

pics from phone 072 (1024x765)


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