**Warning***The fabric buying itch may be hereditary!

Zinck's in Berlin

While the weather was still nice we took the opportunity to take a quick trip down to one of my favorite fabric outlets, Zinck’s in Berlin. They were having some great sale prices including fabric as low as $0.25 a yard when you buy by the bolt and trims for $2.50/ lb. While I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I did find some inspiration. Love that!

Sunshine is planning to take a sewing project for 4-H this year and even though she has not even touched the sewing machine yet, I think she might have the bug.  She picked out some fabric she just  *had* to have even though  she didnt know what she wanted to make with it.  Grandma ended up getting it fo her, so we will see what comes of it. Both her grandma and great grandma have more fabric then they will ever use.

As much fabric as Zinck’s has, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Vogue Fabric warehouse in Chicago. I cant wait to take the girls there this summer.  I am already getting my list ready for our next trip.


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