Frugal momma strikes again!

imageI love having my littles ones help me in the kitchen. Especially now that my 5 year old has appointed herself head dishwasher! ( We will see how long that lasts.) What I don’t love is having my kitchen chairs pulled all over the kitchen and having multiple children trying to climb on one stool so they can see what moms doing and lend a helping hand. Some time ago in an effort to combat this problem I started looking for solutions and I came across The Learning Tower. While I was very impressed with the reviews I read, there was no way I was going to part with $199 to buy one. Fast forward 6 months…,imagine my surprise this evening when I popped into one of our local thrift store and saw this pushed into a corner with a sticker that read $3.99! Oh yeah! For $4.24 (including tax) this lovely stool is in my kitchen. Granted it has some wear and could benefit from a fresh coat of paint but for now, I’m just tickled with this thrift store surprise!


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