Our First Azure Standard delivery

Yesterday the Azure Standard delivery truck rolled into Northern Ohio for the first time and we were lucky enough to be there to pick up our first order.
I am pleased to report that we are more than satisfied with the process and the products. Although they arrived in the middle of a horrible thunderstorm, everyone made quick work of getting the truck unloaded.
I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Azure, but this being our first order I placed a modest sized order just to see how it went. I am pleased to report that what was to be frozen ( 10# of cranberries) were indeed frozen, what was to be cold ( Organic Valley French vanilla half and half) was indeed cold. … My coffee cup is still singing with joy from this new find btw….my cocoa was strong and flavorful and my oats, coconut, sucanat and Mighty Tasty cereal are dry and in good shape. I am looking forward to putting in a larger order next month including produce.
Grocery shopping for me is primarily a monthly event, and my preference is still to buy local as much as possible. I can see that ordering from Azure, especially in bulk, is one more tool I can use to purchase high quality healthy food for my family at a reasonable price. Now what to do with 25# of rolled oats since all my Tupperware is currently in use??? Guess I need to order those gamma lids after all!


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