Cooking with Goat Milk – Homemade Yogurt

My second endeavor in cooking with goat milk was making homemade yogurt. It was actually amazingly simple. I normally eat plain Greek yogurt with honey or fruit.  The kids prefer a thinner yogurt with fruit.  They also love smoothies made with yogurt. Most of the recipes note that the yogurt will be a thinner yogurt than what you would typically find in a store unless you thicken it with gelatin or powdered milk, but this one didn’t use  either and ended up being plenty thick.

The recipe that I used was from Money Saving Mom.

Homemade Yogurt


½ gallon whole milk (I used goat milk)

½ c. plain unflavored yogurt (to be used as the starter)


Pour ½ gallon of milk in Crockpot and cook on low 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Turn Crockpot off and leave set for 3 hours.

Mix ½ cup yogurt starter in a bowl with some of your warm milk until smooth.  Add back into Crockpot and stir well.  Wrap Crockpot in a beach towel to help regulate how quickly the yogurt cools down.  (Yes, this part is important.) Leave yogurt develop for 8-12 hours or overnight.


My yogurt turned out luscious, thick and creamy. I poured half of the yogurt into a colander lined with cheesecloth to let in drain a little more and it came out beautifully.


Unfortunately, there was only one problem; it still tastes like goat milk….not good.  This recipe is so simple I can’t image why I have never made my own yogurt before.  I am looking forward to trying this recipe again with cow’s milk because I am certain that it will be fantastic!

Score for project Cooking with Goats Milk  1 (we love goat milk)-1(not so much)


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