Goats, goats everywhere

School is finally over here and I have been busy tending the children, the garden and the baby goats. 4H projects are underway, including one which involves teaching our oldest to sew. There’s plenty to do outside if it ever quits raining. I’m pretty sure it’s rained everyday for at least the past 2 weeks.

These little cuties were unfortunately orphaned when they were 2 days old. If you’ve ever had bottle fed goats you know they tend to get confused about their species and where they belong. (In the barn with the other goats not on the back porch)


We have one kid who is a champion high jumper. We have had some trouble keeping her penned in. The other day she decided to play king of the mountain on top of the goat barn that’s about 9 feet high.

This week our first Nubian doe delivered 2 beautiful doelings. She is doing a great job as a first time momma.

This weekend we were lucky enough to have a friend come and do chores and feed baby goats for us so we could go camping with family. We are having a wonderful time relaxing, exploring Beavercreek State Park, visiting with family, enjoying good food and conversation.



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