Simple Space Sensory Bin

Space Sensory bin

Last year our little guy got a sand and water table for his 2nd birthday.  Since his birthday is in early spring and it was way too early to take it outside I decided to improvise so he could use it right away.  I bought several large bags of dried beans and dumped those in the table along with a few of his favorite small tractors, a few boats, some sand shovels, funnels and cups.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I put together his first Sensory table. We just called it The Bean Table. The little ones had tons of fun with it and eventually when the weather warmed up we moved it outside and it became a sand (mud) and water table.

bean table

I hadn’t thought much about putting together another sensory table until I can across the Play Create Explore website.  After spending some time researching and learning about the purpose and benefits of sensory bins, I decided that I definitely wanted to use them more with our little learners.

We are using My Fathers World for Rose and Little Man this year and the first 2 units are Sun and Moon. I decided to create a simple Space themed Sensory bin primarily for Little Man to play with while Rose and I did seat work.  As it turns out they both ended up playing with it for quite awhile today.  I just used rice, plastic toy planets and some multi-colored bouncy balls.  The kids used their scoops and cups to bury  planets, sort balls by color and size and practice counting. It was like Planet Search and Rescue to see who could find the most planets first. Of course the inevitable happened and rice ended up spilling over the sides, but they were playing on the train table so no big deal. I’ve been spending lots of time on Pinterest finding ideas for other sensory bins to go with this years units.  I am thinking the first item of business will be to find some bigger bins.

Sensory Box  Space


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